Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Poem: "Anxiety"

Feeling the full 
Breadth of life 
Is sometimes hard to do
When anxiety stops you. 
Anxiety’s a smog 
Which chokes your heart. 
Anxiety’s a false start.
Anxiety’s the mare
That’s on your chest.
Anxiety, stress,
Anxiety stress.

Fucking anxiety 
What does it do?
It totally fucks with you.
It makes small things hard
And hard things absurd.
It starts with a thought or
Starts with a word.
It starts with a picture
Conjured by fear
It smiles from ear to ear. 

Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, why?
Why so hard do you fucking try?
I guess God don’t give us
More than we can. 
Still, I’ll take an Ativan. 

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