Saturday, January 12, 2019

Last Class

So yesterday I had a last class with one my students, and it was nice. It was nice wrapping things up and reviewing the progress she had made. For our final lesson, she and I went over verb tenses. Germans usually have difficulty with our many verb tenses, so I thought it would be a good final lesson.

The exercise we did went like this: I would write down a sentence in German, and she would have to tell me exactly what that sentence would be in English. Once her answer was 100 percent correct, I would allow her to write the sentence down, in English, under where I had written the corresponding sentence in German.

During the exercise, I told her that I wanted to take a pic of the scrap papers we were working on, for my notes. However, after we had finished up the exercise, I no longer wanted to do that, for some reason. I was just going to let it slip, actually. But as I was getting up to leave, she said, “Wait -- didn’t you want to take pictures of the papers?” I decided to stay with my original plan, and I'm glad I did, as there's definitely value in these papers, especially if you're trying to learn English or German.

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