Friday, May 10, 2019

Poem: "When I Saw Them It Was Strange"

When I saw them it was strange
 She looked the same
 And looked at him
 The same way that she had
 The night they showed up there.

 You remember that night, right?
 After all that we had said
 When he entered there with her
 You barely nod your head.
 I asked you if you knew who
 She was and you said no
 But she looked at him intently
 I guess that's how it goes.

 But circle back to Monday
 When I saw the two again
 Drinking coffee, smoking and
 Sitting on a bench.
 He made eyes with me and then
 Looked away real quick
 But from his eyes I got a lot
 If you will, this "Blick."

Strange it was I have to say
The way she looked at him
Just like the night you saw him and 
Barely nod your head.

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