Saturday, April 06, 2019

Poem: "So You Want to Read this Screed?"

So you want to read this screed? 
This paen and this dirge? 
You have the will and 
Have the urge?
You’ve set the world on fire or
You haven’t and you blanch
At the word “romance”?

Are you sure you want this now? 
All it is I’ve got? 
And all I’ve not? 
You want to walk through fields with me
And leave the world you know? 
And plant a seed somewhere and let
A garden grow? 

Pick your fights, they say, it’s wise
So think before you now
Bend and pick a daffodil
And blow its petals out.

Think of those before you and
What they did just when
The drug of love wore off and then
The pain of life set in. 

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