Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Total Chad Moves

Total Chad Moves. This is what I call actions of mine that are totally idiotic but are characteristically me.

For example, putting the toilet paper pack in the refrigerator or an empty bag of chips back in the cupboard are Total Chad Moves.

Usually, Total Chad Moves, or TCMs, as I sometimes call them, don't serve me well, and anyone who witnesses me make them thinks I might have screw loose. But yesterday I did a TCM and it wound up being very much to my benefit.

I was in class and I had wanted to make copies of an article for my students. However, when I got to the copy room, I noticed that I just had the first page of the article with me. I didn't want to go back to the classroom to get the magazine because I felt as though the students would think I was an idiot.

I was just standing there wondering what to do, when for some reason, I decided to open the copy machine, and, boom, I suddenly had my answer.

Another Total Chad Move had saved me.

It turned out, when I had been in the copy room earlier in the day, making copies for another class, I had left the magazine in the copy machine.

So, I figure now that the mathematics of TCMs goes something like this: When you add one TCM to another, they cancel each other out!

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