Sunday, June 23, 2019

My First German Poem

Wow, so today I was actually able to write a poem in German.

Now, sound is always a very important part of the poems I write. I'm very sensitive to how the words actually sound when lined up next to each other.

I mention that because I really like the sound of this poem. To hear how the piece sounds in German, go here. Enjoy.

Unterirdisch, stürmisch, traurig, 
Unglaublich, furchtbar, schlecht...
Hat nicht zu tun --
Gar nicht --
Mit Menschenrecht.
Unnötig, doch es gibt,
Unfassbar, doch es war.
Abgesehen von was wirklich ist.
Abgesehen von der Wahr. 

Here is the poem translated word for word: 

Blasphemous, stormy, sad
Unbelievable, terrible, bad
Has nothing to do 
With human rights. 
Not necessary, but it exists
Astounding, but it was
Irrespective of what really is
Irrespective of the true.

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