Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Because It Touched You

Last week, while doing a menial task at my desk, I decided to listen to Linkin Park's last album on Spotify. Now, I have to say, though I recognize that Linkin Park is a good band -- I saw them once and they did rock -- I never really liked them. Which makes the conversation I had with myself while listening to "One More Light" all the more unusual. All I can say by way of giving you some context is that the music was definitely making me feel nostalgic, which is kind of weird, because I always tell people I know that I simply don't feel any nostalgia for the early 2000s. 
At any rate, here is that inner dialog:

--That’s really weird: it actually hurts a little bit when I think that Chester Bennington is dead. 
--Why, though? Really, he’s just a celebrity.
--OK...But why do I actually feel something?  
--Dude, it's because his music. Though you may not have realized it, it really touched you. It touched you, Chad. That's why you feel it.

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